WordPress Development

I will help you create a bespoke website that will deliver a unique customer experience. I do this for an array of clients ranging from ambitious and hungry entrepreneurs to established brands looking to reposition their online presence.

What does the collaboration look like?

Get to know your company

We plan a digital introductory meeting. In this meeting we discuss the target group, the goals to be achieved and all other wishes/requirements. After the conversation you send me all the necessary content and you will receive a price proposal within 1 working day.

Do research

After our conversation, I will research your competitors and the target group. I need to get a good sense of the market situation before starting design work. We pick up on what works and improve compared to the competition.

User Experience (UX)

We start with a technical design, this design is intended for the layout of the website. You can supply all necessary texts and images based on the technical design.

UX/UI Design & Branding

I’m really going into the design here, picking out colors and fonts, and making the website beautiful. We keep in touch and I get regular feedback from you on different sections. The result is an XD design file.

Development & Testing

After you’ve approved the final design files, I’ll get started building the website in WordPress. I provide a link with your web hosting, Google Analytics and ensure optimal security.

Launching & Training

We are going live with your new website! We have a video call where I share my screen and teach you how to edit text and images and create blog posts.


The rates below are estimates. I will prepare a tailor-made offer
based on content and unique needs.

UX/UI Design & Branding

Either it is a new brand or existing company, I create fresh, standing out, and eye catching designs, while taking into account your target group.

WordPress Development

Need help designing a professional website? I create beautiful wordpress website designs based on new or existing contents.

Social Media Marketing

Is your (online) business ready to grow? Then a good social media campaign is the perfect way to take the next step. Together we draw up a marketing plan.

Curious about the possibilities?