Social Media Marketing

I will help you define your target audience so that your product or service is in front of the right people on the right social media platform. In addition, I offer social media management services tailored to your business’s specific requirements.

What does the collaboration look like?

Get to know your company

We plan a digital introductory meeting. In this meeting we discuss the target group, the goals to be achieved and all other wishes/requirements. After the conversation you send me all the necessary content and you will receive a price proposal within 1 working day.

Do research

After our conversation, I will research your competitors and the target group. I need to get a good sense of the market situation before starting design work. We pick up on what works and improve compared to the competition.

Plan Making

Based on the previous research, we have a good overview of the possibilities and where we can grow. We discuss the options and I make a plan that suits your company.

Start of the 3 month test period

The first 3 months of an online campaign is always a test period. We collect as much data as possible and we look at how the public reacts to the campaigns. Based on the results, we can improve and scale up.

Enhance, Scale & Launching

Based on the collected data, we can improve the campaigns where necessary and scale up if necessary. Normally, we have (probably) achieved great results around this period, and ready to move forward.


The rates below are estimates. I will prepare a tailor-made offer
based on content and unique needs.

UX/UI Design & Branding

Either it is a new brand or existing company, I create fresh, standing out, and eye catching designs, while taking into account your target group.

WordPress Development

Need help designing a professional website? I create beautiful wordpress website designs based on new or existing contents.

Social Media Marketing

Is your (online) business ready to grow? Then a good social media campaign is the perfect way to take the next step. Together we draw up a marketing plan.

Curious about the possibilities?